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Prawn Rissoises  
Nostalgic starter cheesy & baby prawns stuffed in crepe.    

Goan extravaganza squids stuffed with fried mildly spiced, onion,
Tomatoes and brunoise cut Squids.

Beef Croquettes
A popular Goan snack and a perfect companion to go with a drink.
Minced beef, grounded spices, coated with bread crumbs and rolled.

Fried Mussels
Exotic Goan style Mussels with masala rawa fry.    

Vegetable Cutlets 
Delicious snacks of suited mix vegetables mildly spiced Goan 
masala with coated breadcrumbs and shallow fried.

Fish Cutlets
Homemade fish with mild green masala sauted, onion,
Coated with breadcrumbs and shallow fried. 

Beef/Prawn Potato Chops 
Shallow fried mildly spiced beef/prawn rolled in grated potatoes
with coated bread crumbs.

Sardine Goan Special 
Jerre-mire very popular lemony Goan dish.    

King Prawn Kebabs 
It’s a delicate tang of recheado masala and lemon juice.    

Mixed Pakora 
Delicious snack with mixed vegetables.    

Iddli with Sambar 
A south India popular savoury dish made by steaming a batter
of fermented black lentils and rice.

Masala Dosa 
A south India popular savoury dish made by steaming a batter
of fermented black lentils and rice

Goa Chorizo 
Traditional Goan spiced pork chorizo stir fried with potatoes.    

Onion Bhaji
Appetizing julienne onion marinated in gram flour,deep fried round ball.    

Nationally famous triangle shaped, savory filled with spicy
minced meat or vegetable.

Famous Indian snacks stuffed with masala potatoes.    


Pickle Tray



About us at Viva Goa in York

Our Restaurant and Bars

We have two eating areas, bars and waiting areas in our restaurant. one on each floor.

Our Chefs & Staff

We have a team of traditional Goan people. We beleive in making your Goan meal as original as possible.

Our Fantastic Goan Menu

Please click the link above to download a copy of our New
Goan Takeaway Menu

Goan Sweets To Die For!

All our Goan Sweets asre handmade in our very own restaurant by our Goan Sweet Chef!